Isca's sketchbook

Trying to make some epic art :D

" I can’t uderstand, why you want to stop on this planet much? Zi, Nexus is full of these meanies!"

  • Let’s Build It!

  • Explorer’s portrait.

While rewatching Guardians of the Gallaxy I noticed that Lylla’s name was mentioned in Rocket’s info. It made me wonder if she will appear in future GotG films and decides to sketch her :D I think her limbs will be longer a bit ( because I think otter’s limbs are to short for sentient life) and she’ll have more implants on her back ( maybe I wrong but it seem like these things made for helping animal to stand to two legs. Otter’s body seems more elongated than raccoon’s). I decided put more detail on her dress, maybe I’ll finish this later)

Few sketches for my next work.

  • Cryolite and Colors.

My best friend wondered, why Mordersh have so colorful vitalis liquid and implants, so she have explanation about this :DD

I don’t know how to draw ponies xD

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